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Daily Archives: August 11, 2019


Joceline Brook-Hamilton or Ariel Anderson or Amelia Jane Rutherford, they are all the same person, AS EXPLAINED IN THIS VIDEO, if not the same persona. As this is a spanking blog I think that it is appropriate to refer to her as Ms Rutherford.

Here is a link to the channel



What is the YouTube channel about?

This is a video blog or vlogg of the professional model and performer Amelia Jane Rutherford. It is usually updated monthly and is about issues that a concerns models and modelling. Do not expect any nudity or spanking or kinky rope play, this is all about the thoughts of a model after the studio lights have been switched off. It covers may interesting topics, such as WHAT LIFE IS LIKE BEING MARRIED TO A MODEL and BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE UK TAX AUTHORITIES. Watching the later of those two videos, I learnt more about dealing with the UK Tax People, in less than half an hour, than I did during six very long and boring lectures on the subject, during my student days.

A couple of example videos

I tried to choose two videos showing the diversity of subjects covered. This first one is about the negatives of inappropriate touching.



The next video is one that I have watched several times and has always served the purpose of curing me of a black and foul mood. I do not laugh at Ms Rutherford, I am not laughing with Ms Rutherford. I end up laughing because my doctor has failed to inject me with an inoculation preventing such laughter. This laughter is infectious.



Although I am waiting to add some of the growing list of blogs to my blog roll, I will add this to the list now. Even though it is not strictly a blog. This channel is interesting and informative and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of professional modelling.