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Three new blogs for the blog roll

Well they are new to me, except for one of them. I am only going to add a few of blogs at a time to the blog roll and these are three for today.


Pervy Fun – The blog of an alternative life styler who has had a few other blogs in the past.

Fondlers Anonymous – A blogger exploring and enjoying a D/s relationship.

My Bottom Smarts – A welcome re-entry to the list.


“Spec”tacular Spankings

For those of you who are new to this blog, I find women in glasses very, very attractive, especially when they are giving or receiving a spanking. So this series of posts is about to be revived.

agent_a004 spanking 24.jpg

One of Amelia Jane Rutherford (Ariel Anderson) – Found at SPANKING24.COM

12 from red rump.jpg

A hot F/m image – from RedRump

0410_no_more_bullying_grabs-062 spankingblogg.jpg

Finally one from the Chief – Found at SpankingBlogg

Last clean up of the blog rolls

All the active blogs, from the second roll, have been moved up to the top blog roll. All the remaining inactive blogs, that I want to keep links to, have been moved to the second blog roll. The second blog roll has been renamed Archive Blogs Worth Checking Out. So finally the blog rolls are all neat and tidy.



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  1. Love your “spec”tacular spankings:) Thank you for keeping me on your blog roll. You never know, I might just surprise everyone and post something one day 🙂


  2. Thanks for the shoutout. (Only, we’re not quite DD.. more like Daddy/little, general D/s.Just didn’t want visitors to be disappointed at not really seeing any DD around my place… )


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