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Daily Archives: September 6, 2019


Time to relax




Finally I get my September two week vacation. It’s time to fire up The Little Devil (my campervan) and head off into the wilds. I thought that I would go to Luxembourg first and then just go where the winds take me from there. I am planning a hiatus from screen time too, so from Sunday 8th of September until Sunday 22 of September there will be a hiatus image post every second day. I like to get away from screens, when I am on a break, so please do not feel ignored if I do not respond to any comments, that you might leave, until I return from my travels. Perhaps I will find something fun on my wanderings, that I can post about on my return.


Bondage on the beach


I thought that my last post before I go away should have a Holiday feel to it. Well it looks like people like to get kinky down on the sand too.


IMG_8144_1 from rope topia.jpg

Let’s hope that her rigger gets back, before the tide comes in.


0 from spanked hubby.jpg

Getting that all over tan.



Y’know, just hangin.


IMG_8096_1 from rosetopia.jpg

That crab is looking curious.


19 fond at bdsmbunker.jpg

Still waiting for her rigger.



This little piggy……


Hope you all stay healthy and happy whilst I am away, Prefectdt