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Daily Archives: September 24, 2019


I feel like one of the boys in a line outside of the Head Mistresses study. Hearing the distinctive swoosh of rattan cutting the air, as the line grows steadily shorter and it is closer to it being my turn to bend over that desk. Why? Because when I was away on vacation I did and saw nothing kink related and did not do my blog homework and have not prepared a post for my return from the holiday. But luckily I saw a couple of posts from other bloggers, SPANKED TO ORGASM from Heart and Soul and MOST POPULAR POST EVER ON THIS BLOG from Consensual Spanking, about the most popular posts that they have ever had on their blogs. So I thought that I would tell you about my most popular post ever.


It Featured This Photograph




I just put it up for a bit of a laugh but it got a lot of people visiting the blog. My stat counters have always been set at Unique Visitors and not page views, so I do not know how many page views this post received but at the height of this blogs popularity I could expect to see between 1200 and 1500 unique visitors in a day (I feel lucky to get a tenth of that now). This post attracted over 2700 visitors in one day. That has never been bettered.

For the original post click on THIS LINK