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Note – I am away on a mini break this week and will not be able to respond to any comments until my return.

Have A Sparkling Halloween

This is the last post on this blog before Halloween, so the post for that is here today. I have a feeling that many of you will know what a Bumpkin is but I only found out about them last weekend. Here is a selection of these sparkly, Halloween rear end terrors.

Now as a reader of this blog, there is just one question that you have to ask yourself.

What just made that creaking sound behind you!

Happy Halloween everybody.



Note – Although the normal posting schedule for this blog will be maintained, I am going away on a mini break this week and will not be in a position to reply to any comments until my return.

The Blog Calendar – The November Page

I saw this image at DEVLIN O’NEILL’S WEB LOG and just loved the way that the spankee is looking back at the spanker. So here it is for November. I have found a way to make images on this blog clickable, so if you want to see this full sized, you can.

Some Blog Stuff

The Header

The more attentive of you may have noticed that the header of this blog now declares it to be phone friendly and that if you tap the menu it will take you to some easily usable links. This is because I have found the smart phone version of this blog easily readable but the other resources that it has to offer where not easy to tap on, in the small screen version. Hopefully this issue is now resolved.

The Blog Roll Page

The blog and vlog roll, from the right side of this blog, is now available on a separate page. The links of this page have been enlarged to make them easy to tap on when viewing this blog on a smart phone. I will start adding more blogs to this page from next week.

The Kinky Resource Sites And Campaigners Pages

These two pages have had the dead and compromised links removed from them and the remaining links have been enlarged to make them easier to tap on from a smart phone.

Two Pages Removed

The Vanilla Images and the Non Spanking And BDSM Sites pages have now been removed from this blog.

It has been a surprising amount of work to make these changes over the weekend. I hope that it makes it easier for the readers here to follow this blog from a smart phone, if that is the choice that you want to make.



Last Friday this blog featured a post, STONED BOTTOMS, about sculpted art that featured the human bottom. I thought that this week it would be nice to feature some art work that was created on the human posterior, in the form of body painting.

This last one does not have a backside in it but it is clever how it plays with your mind

Please note that I did try to find some suitably painted boy butts to put in this post, for those that prefer the male form but sadly there did not seem to be any good quality photos of that kind around. Perhaps that is a gap in the market that someone could fill.



During times of illness and other periods, when spanking play is just not possible, I often wonder how old I will be when I have to give up spanking for good. I tend to hope that it will be never. Which leads us to this Occasional Thought.


Source – perverted from a saying by GROUCHO MARXS.




I review as a paying customer – I do not except free memberships in exchange for a review. I am not participating in any affiliate programs and make no money from sites that I review. I paid for a thirty five day membership of Firm Hand Spanking and am reviewing it as a paying customer.

Click on this link Firm Hand Spanking to go to the website.


Firm Hand Spanking is a spanking clips and photograph spanking website that features productions from both the USA and the UK. It features hand and implement spanking given by men and women but always has female performers on the receiving end. Although the scenes on this site are mostly in a set in a contemporary era, there are some in historical settings.


I paid for a 35 day, non recurring membership at a rate of $29.95 (US Dollars). Rates range from $24.95 for a recurring 30 day membership to $149.00 for a 365 day non recurring membership. There is a choice of recurring and non recurring membership rates.

Technical Stuff

Photographs are easily downloaded, either individually or as sets in a ZIP folder. The clips are available in lower or high quality downloads, so you can make the choice between quality and disc space usage. The spanking scenes are presented in a series of clips, of which several new clips are available each week. Each clip is accompanied by a selection of photographs.


The first thing to say about the content on this site is that there is a hell of a lot of it. Some of the content was shot a long time ago, so if you want to follow a performer over a period of time this is a good site to join, if they have worked for this producer.

I get the impression that a lot of different people write and produce the scenes presented on this site. This does give a nice variety to the style of the productions available here. There does seem to be a formula for using the same spanking implements in all the scenarios both in the USA and the UK productions, giving a sense of continuity most of the time but after watching many of the clips I did feel that having the odd guest appearance of an, occasional, unusual toy might be a good idea to break the implement monotony.

The vast majority of the scenarios where well shot and edited and also had good sound quality.

There are some clip series that had very interesting story lines along with others that just had a quick excuse to get right to the spanking action. And so whichever you prefer you will be well catered for on this site.

Having productions from two countries also keeps things fresh and varied.

A lot of the clips have slow motion replays of the spanking at the end. These can be interesting but after a while I found myself skipping these parts.


There are many well known performers on this site and plenty that I had never seen before, meaning that you can follow your favourites and get introduced to some unfamiliar faces and rear ends. This site introduced me to two people that particularly impressed me with their ability as scene worthy Tops. They are Alison Miller and John Friday, both of whom I would like to see more of but I have never heard of them working for anyone else. All the performers showed their faces and their abilities to contribute to a spanking production.


There are some interviews available on this site and occasionally some out takes are included at the end of clips. These are a little thin on the ground and I would have liked to have seen more. I think that there is great potential for some special out take clips to be provided in the content.


I was very happy with being a member at this site and thought that it was good value for money because of the amount of content it makes available to it’s members. Almost all of the spanking action was worth while and ranged from moderately harsh to very harsh but without any blood being spilled. Some of the story lines held great interest and I am glad to have experienced them. On the critical side, I would say that varying the range of spanking toys occasionally would be a good thing and a little less slowmo replay and a few more out takes would make things a little more interesting.

The Report Card

Firm Hand Spanking performs well in class and assessments and has earned a good solid B+. Hard work has produced a lot of high quality results and it only lacks in a little variety of materials it has used for it’s submissions.



Well they are not all stoned, some are metalled or made of something else.

Artistic Rear Ends

Roses and heart FROM HERE
Does this photo make my bum look big? FROM HERE
Bent over and listening FROM HERE
This is a cast of some guy FROM HERE
Just brush my cheek before you leave angel FROM HERE
Nothing prettier than a stripped bottom FROM HERE

It’s An Old Joke Butt…

I hope that this post was not too arty farty (fnarr fnarr)