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Daily Archives: October 4, 2019


How to polish up your BDSM play

This is an old advert but I only saw it recently. It is probable that other bloggers have posted this before but it tickled me and it is the brand that I use, so enjoy.

Cochem castle

Whilst visiting Cochem, in the Moselle valley, I managed to go on a guided tour of the small but interesting castle at Cochem. It only cost 6 Euros and was in English. Here are a few photos of the castle

Is it Kermit the frog? or a lion in a helmet?
My holiday read. Narrow Boat by LTC Rolt. Published in 1944 and never out of print since, this is the reminiscences of a trip on the UK canal system in 1939, just before the out break of WW II, in the Narrowboat Cressy. I highly recommend this book.
The “Little Devil” (my campervan) parked up on a camp site on the banks of the Moselle. It was nice to watch the boats and swans glide by, whilst enjoying my morning coffee.