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Polly Grey (Helen McCrory)

Although it is set in Birmingham, a city in the UK where people live in trees and eat their young who’s inhabitants I should dislike because of traditional regional rivalries (I originate from The Black Country), I am a great fan of the drama series PEAKY BLINDERS. It is the character of Aunt Polly (played by Helen McCrory) that stands out as a person who would delight in handing out some sound thrashings to deserving posteriors. Especially when you consider the possible alternative actions that she might take.

A Possible Alternative To A Good Bottom Warming

Yup, it would be better to bend over her desk and take a less lethal punishment. As a practising Catholic, I can imagine her using a traditional Catholic strap.

She even looks strict in her posh frock 🙂

About Helen McCrory

Ms McCrory was born in London to Welsh and Scottish parents. She has many and significant stage and screen roles including in the Harry Potter films and has played Cherie Blair (wife of the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair) twice. Ms McCrory was also awarded an OBE. She is married to Damian Lewis and has a daughter and a son. You can find out more about her THROUGH THIS LINK.


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  1. Hi Prefectdt, I have to admit,I hadn’t heard of the show or Helen McCrory before..


    • The show is about UK gangsters. The first series is set just after the end of the First World War. It is very popular in the UK and the USA. Helen McCrory is a well known actor in the UK. I hope that helps Roz.


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