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Daily Archives: October 28, 2019


Note – Although the normal posting schedule for this blog will be maintained, I am going away on a mini break this week and will not be in a position to reply to any comments until my return.

The Blog Calendar – The November Page

I saw this image at DEVLIN O’NEILL’S WEB LOG and just loved the way that the spankee is looking back at the spanker. So here it is for November. I have found a way to make images on this blog clickable, so if you want to see this full sized, you can.

Some Blog Stuff

The Header

The more attentive of you may have noticed that the header of this blog now declares it to be phone friendly and that if you tap the menu it will take you to some easily usable links. This is because I have found the smart phone version of this blog easily readable but the other resources that it has to offer where not easy to tap on, in the small screen version. Hopefully this issue is now resolved.

The Blog Roll Page

The blog and vlog roll, from the right side of this blog, is now available on a separate page. The links of this page have been enlarged to make them easy to tap on when viewing this blog on a smart phone. I will start adding more blogs to this page from next week.

The Kinky Resource Sites And Campaigners Pages

These two pages have had the dead and compromised links removed from them and the remaining links have been enlarged to make them easier to tap on from a smart phone.

Two Pages Removed

The Vanilla Images and the Non Spanking And BDSM Sites pages have now been removed from this blog.

It has been a surprising amount of work to make these changes over the weekend. I hope that it makes it easier for the readers here to follow this blog from a smart phone, if that is the choice that you want to make.