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For those of you who do not know every year, in the spanking and BDSM blogsphere, we hold LOL day or Love Our Lurkers day. This is when we encourage those that visit our blogs but usually do not say anything, to leave a comment. So please feel free to say Hi. You can stay anonymous if you like.

LOL day was started by


And is now organised by


Check out Hermione’s Heart in that link, to see other blogs that are participating. You will probably find some blogs that are new to you in the list there.

You can just say hi or you could tell me a little about yourself. Here are some suggestions for what you might like to say in a comment.

Do you like bare bear bottom spanking?

Is kinky art your thing?

Where in the world are you?

Perhaps you prefer a little bondage?

Or do you like historic spankings?

But just hello is fine too. Enjoy LOL day, discover new blogs and leave some comments.

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  1. Happy LOL Day! Hope it’s a good one and you get loads of new commenters!

  2. Happy LoL day – off to a good start…

  3. Have a Great LOL Day. Enjoyed browsing your Blog. Adding you to my Blog List. Feel free to stop by my Blog DaddyCat

  4. Prefectdt, Happy LOL Day to you. It is really good to see you back blogging.


  5. Happy LOL day Prefectdt πŸ™‚

    I should comment more on your blog too — I come .. I read… I quietly slip away
    In answer to your questions…..
    I LOVE bare bottom spankings… a little bondage is ok — but I do like freedom of movement.. and as for where in the world – snowy cold Canada πŸ™‚

  6. Hello Prefectdt! Stopping by to encourage my fellow blogger to keep writing/posting! Happy LOL to you and thanks for visiting my blog. Windy

  7. Hello, and Happy LOL Day! This is the first time I’ve been here, I’ll have to spend some time hanging out, but I love the LOL day post. I am a big fan of spanking (receiving) and bondage and all kinds of submission, but non-practicing for a long time. Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  8. Hello. I’m in a kinky/discipline-ish dynamic with my husband. I also like to make spanking/kinky art and stories, and just write about navigating kinkiness.

  9. Hello Prefectdt from Australia, Now I’ve found you I will add you to my blog roll. Nice to find a new or new to me anyway blogger. I love Bear (bare) bottom spanking from my Bear. LOL! Best position is OTK.
    Hope you have plenty of people stop by to say hello for Lol days.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  10. Happy LoL day Prefectdt, great post and awesome pics. Hope you meet some new friends today πŸ™‚


  11. Hi Prefectdt. Happy LoL Day and welcome back! We definitely missed you and your blog.


  12. A happy belated LOL Day, Prefectdt! I am a regular lurker on your blog but don’t manage to comment a lot. I realised only yesterday that I had missed out on your beautiful pictures from the Moselle valley! Maybe we will manage to meet one day, should you come and visit Germany again. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Prefectdt –
    I am glad you are back to blogging. You were one of the first blogs I followed way back and used to comment often. Happy LOL days!

  14. I missed LOL days. But it looks like everyone had a blast ,as usual!

    I”m glad I found your blog when I did, even if it was the second time around. Better late than never. Glad to have made your acquaintance.


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