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Daily Archives: December 2, 2019


I do not, as a rule, go in for any kind of restraints when getting my rear end dealt with unless I have played with that play partner before and feel that I can trust them. But I do like the added feeling of a strange sort of freedom, that being restrained during punishment brings. For this post I thought that I would share some restraining toys and benches that I have not experienced myself but am curious about and would like to try.

Something For A Good Caning

I have often fantasized about being caned across a desk whist being bound in something like these

And this

I have also dreamed of having a body like that guy too but that is not going to happen. The general idea is that as well as being limited in movement, this would leave all my body supported by my torso. Thus restricting breathing (without any danger of stopping breathing). Something that I have found intensifies the corporal punishment element of the play both externally and mentally.

So Simple But Clever

I suspect that I might require a size larger than the one shown here. The simple design of this and the posterior presentation potential, that it has, is impressive.

Awkward And Totally Immobilising

It could be imagined how being ensconced in this device would give the feeling of being totally at the mercy of the Dom(me) or Top involved in the scene. It could also be suspected that the discomfort of being so immobilised in this manner would mean that the pain inflicted on the buttocks would be a welcome distraction from the aching feeling in the muscles of the person in this contraption.

Well that is my wish list for Father Christmas this year 🙂 Or should I make it my New Years Resolution to try these out in 2020