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Before I get on with this post I would just like to ask if anyone knows what happened to All Things Spanking. All seemed to be well with this blog, when I took off for the winter break but when I returned this blog just seemed to have disappeared, without trace. Any information is welcome.

Hog Tie Challenge Bad and Good

I did have a five year break from internet kink, so please excuse me if everyone has already posted this to death. I have come across some videos, mostly from vanilla channels, trying what is called the “Hogtie Challenge” on YouTube. It seems to revolve around someone being hogtied and then having to release themselves in a certain amount of time. Now, I am no BDSM rigger but I do know a lot about ropes and knots from vanilla life, both for work and hobbies. And I just thought I would post a bad and good example (IMHO) of trying a little first time bondage.

The Bad Example

This one comes from the vlog a couple who do loads of different and mostly vanilla posts.

My biggest beef with this is the use of shoelaces. These are almost guaranteed to cause pain and minor injuries. I think that this couple should have spent half an hour Googling first timer good bondage practices before they attempted this.

The Good Example

This is from the channel of someone who I believe does mostly make-up videos.

The use of scarves instead of rope does seem a good idea for the inexperience, any riggers out there know better than that please tell us about it. And the guy doing the tying at leasts seems to have gotten the hang of a simple granny knot. I get the feeling that a little research can make life a lot simpler and safer.

Play Safe


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  1. I’m not a rigger, but from what I remember of the bondage safety lectures I went to, scarves really aren’t much safer than shoe laces. The problem with scarves is that they have just enough stretch built into the material that even a simple knot can easily become impossibly tightened with the constant tugging of a struggle. They give a false sense of security because they appear to have a wider line than rope, and they’re nice and “soft,” but they’re deceptively dangerous, and using scarves was mentioned as a common beginner trap.

    Shoe laces are a problem too, but at least with shoe laces if you have safety scissors on hand (no indication that the couple above did) you can cut through them fairly quickly.

    In general rope is the safest material for this kind of bondage.

    • I can very much see your point Xen. But even with ropes you have to be careful which type you choose. I recently saw a vlog where the type of flexible and ever so slightly springy rope, the type that I would happily choose for tree work, was being used on a Narrowboat, with potentially disastrous results, as it was being used to aid a boat that had broken down on a tidal river, mid stream. So even in a vanilla situation, using the right type of rope for the job is important. More and more I am coming around to thinking that this whole Hog tie challenge fad is a bad idea altogether.


      • Yes, absolutely rope can also be dangerous! Emergency scissors are a must whatever you’re using.

        I personally prefer leather/padded handcuffs… but I’m not really into bondage for the sake of bondage.

  2. Following because I accidentally hit “post” with my email only half filled in.

  3. The second scenario appeared easier, but interesting comment from Xen. You have to be so careful with any bondage.

    Not sure I would like this experience lol


  4. Interesting. I actually just posted a piece on rope play for my blog. And one of the first things I learned about different rope like nylon and cotton is that they tighten down on themselves while being pulled. Scarves and ties are no better. The girl in the scare video managed to get out, but hat if she was actually in distress for a medical reason…that could be disastrous.

    Bondage is very cool to play with bur people can get themselves in bad situations very quickly. I couldn’t imagine ever using shoestrings. If used on a nerve or tendon area you could irreparable damage. And safety scissors are a must. All I can say is if you’re going to play with bondage, even lightly, TAKE A CLASS!


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