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I would like to start by saying that I am not into transvestism or transsexualism in any way and I have got nothing against anyone who finds that either of those labels applies to them. But, in the little fantasy world inside my mind, I do often find my self wishing I was of the female persuasion, just for spanking play. It just seems to me that women have it better, as submissives.

Women Have Nicer Bottoms

At some point in most spanking play the undercrackers come down and it is time for the big reveal. But even in my younger and skinnier days I could not have shown someone a sight as glorious as that in the image above. Even guys who spend half their lives at the gym and are sporting buns of steel seldom look so physically artistic. It is just a fact that the female posterior has a greater potential to be hot hot hot.

It’s Easier For Women To Find Play Partners

I’m not saying that it is always easy for a submissive female to find the right play partner but any woman who is looking for a spanking will not find herself short of offers. In the F/m world you find far too many little m’s chasing after far too few big F’s. It’s just the way it is.

Women Are More Flexible Than Men

Or at least they are in their younger guises. I doubt that I could have ever sustained a pose like the one above for the length of time it takes to get a proper whooping. And I was physically pretty flexible for a guy, in my younger days.

Women Look Better In Clothes

Especially uniforms. The male shape is just not a right for things to fit where they should. No matter how careful I am putting a spanking play outfit together I know that it is never going to look as good on me as the equivalent outfit would look on a woman.

Women Won’t Get Labelled For Same Sex Play

A woman can be straight, lesbian or bisexual but no one would automatically conclude that she was any of these just because she was involved in spanking or being spanked by another woman. I do not usually involve sex as part of my spanking play and so have no problems with being spanked by a man, except that some people might label me as gay for doing so. I have nothing against the gay community in the same way as I have nothing against anyone from Spain but I do not want to have anyone presume that I am gay or Spanish, simply because I am neither of these.

I suspect that I am not the only male submissive who is a little jealous of our female counterparts. But perhaps it is just as the parody of the song sung by Petula Clark says

The other subs ass is always redder

That paddle hurts better from the other side

Oh the other subs ass is always redder

Some are lucky, some are not

You’ve gotta be thankful for what you got

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  1. You are definitely right about females not having a shortage of play partners… I know when I was single I could go to almost any play party and find someone to play with — BUT one of the things I always had to negotiate stubbornly about was NO SEX – the casual male players I came across always thought sex should be included. I honestly had one potential play partner tell me if he was gonna give me what I wanted (a spanking) then I should repay him with a blow job!! (I don’t think so!!) Needless to say we didn’t play.

    • I think that is a great example of how it is easy for a woman to find a play partner morningstar. It is also an example of how hard it can be for a woman to find the RIGHT play partner.


  2. those are some great pics! Love them!

  3. I’d say if you have an opportunity to play with a male partner, don’t let the perceptions of people around you stop you! I realize that’s easier said than done, but the kink community tends to be a lot more open minded than the general populace, and having some of them jump to an incorrect assumption isn’t really going to impact you. And specifically within the spanking subset of kink, I think there’s more understanding of play not being as linked to sex?

    I know at least one male sub who’s bottom is as lovely as any female bottom. I’m not sure how he does it, and he’s my go-to for butt selfie tips. But on the whole, I think you’re right, women’s bodies in general have more graceful lines.

    • I think that you may be right Xen, it is time for me to get over my M/m phobia. I would have to find the right way to find a play partner though. I do not have much knowledge of the M/m world.


      • Spankedhortic — I always said (cause I did play with women too from time to time) that I didn’t much care who was on the other end of the paddle — what mattered was how they could use that paddle (grinning)
        Mind you — I was going to public play parties at the time and it made it a little bit easier to find play partners.

  4. The grass is always greener as they say, but that is not necessarily always the reality. Love the song parody and great pics!


  5. I have occasionally been spanked by men and whilst I found it a bit disconcerting the first time I soon realised that it was just another aspect of my fascination with punishment and did not reflect on any other aspect of my sexuality.

  6. Lovely uniform skirts and white knickers 🙂
    I am posting an Eilean Beithe inspired story 😉


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