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This week Hermione from HERMIONE’S HEART revealed that her and her other half, Ron, where now the proud owners of a new flogger and asked for advice, for first time flogging in this


I have to admit that I love floggers and being flogged. One of the commenters recommended a video from a BDSM mistress about the use of floggers, which I watched. This video advocated the twirly, BDSM style of flogging and that is worth trying (I’ve tried it) but on the whole I prefer the high impact, punishment style floggings, such as you see in this image.

It just hurts so good 🙂 The best thing about floggers is that there are so many different types, each with their own unique impact sensations. I currently own two floggers and they are very different from each other.

Old Faithful

This one I purchased with the intention of never using it, as it is cheap and poorly made. I just wanted a prop for a vanilla fancy dress party. But it has been used and I love it. It is highly thumpy and despite it’s build quality has never broken. It is one of my favourite toys.

Rubber Hell

This one is a high quality, handmade item that cost a lot of money. It is over a meter long, is made of rubber, gives a pain at a high level and is very stingy. It is just the thing for when a good thrashing is desired.

I did have a third, good quality leather flogger but that was stolen, along with an original Walsall Tawse, during a house move (the thief was right in thinking that I would not report the missing items). This flogger had a whole other sensation of it’s own.

On the whole floggers are great in the range of sensory play that they can give and if you like being on the receiving end of a punishment play and have never been flogged, I recommend that you give it a go one day.

Any way, enough about my love of being flogged. Lets have a bit of flogger fun.

How To Flog Your Pirate

This is nothing serious but a very fun flogging and you have to love their outfits 🙂


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  1. Love the looks on her face in the video. 😆

    Flogging is definitely outside my typical kink/fantasy zone, but I really enjoy the sensation (we don’t have any that are particularly stinggy, I’m all about the thud). It can be a bit loud for me since I’m sensitive to noise, so we usually have me in some headphones when we’re playing with floggers.

    We also have a fur flogger which I thought was going to be more novelty than really usable, but it feels like being hit by a cloud, and it’s fantastic for more sensory play… very unique.

    • The headphones thing is intriguing Xen, I’ve never heard of anyone finding floggers too loud before. Personally I love hearing the “Swish”, it adds to the experience for me. I agree about the thud, stingy toys are great but so are thudy ones and thudy toys are a bit thinner on the ground.


      • It’s not the swish, it’s the slap on contact. And I think it bothers me more since it’s the only thing we do on the back/shoulders, so it’s physically much closer to my ears. But I cover my ears during spankings… I just can’t handle sharp noises in general. I guess when I’m flogged they’re usually secured, hence the headphones.

        • If I said that I understood your problems with noise Xen, I would be lying to you. It sounds (pun unintended) like a really bad thing. I hope you find a solution to this in the future.


  2. I love flogging. It took me awhile to find my comfort zone, but it is truly an interesting way to take a partner through a variety of feelings and emotions. I posted a piece on how I learned my variation on Florentine Flogging on my Blog DaddyCat.

    There were a lot of good comments on Hermione’s Blog. I missed the comment time but it was good reading as are the ones posted here.

    • That was an interesting article Daddy cat. The videos where a great illustration too. I am intrigued by your rope and string floggers as I have never experienced either of these.


      • Thanks Prefecdt. Ahh the rope flogger, if you look close you can see the knots just above the frays at the end of the falls. It bites like hell. Overall it’s a pretty heavy hitter. The string floggers are perfect for sensual play. They drag beautifully in the best of places.

        Glad you liked the videos.


  3. Hi Prefectdt, we used to have a flogger, but it wasn’t used much before it broke. It was more a novelty item than a ‘proper’ one. We haven’t replaced it so don’t have much experience. All I can say is they are great for reaching lots of places lol. I found it lovely when used gently with the tails trailing over the body but almost too much when used with more force.



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