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Adding Two Blogs

The following two blogs will be added to the



An interesting mixed blog about spanking and other kinky topics and musings.


This is a blog mostly about spanking in mainstream media, such as films and plays. Sometimes it has other stuff like interesting photographers and news items.

What Shall I Do With This Blog?

There are two things that I like about having a spanking blog. The first is being part of an on line community, which I have from this blog at the moment. The second is being able to “spread the love” a bit by linking to articles on other blogs, this is a bit of a fail right now. Before I was forced to shut this blog down, I could put a link in a post and happily be told, in the stats, that I had sent between 50 and 200 visitors to that blog or web page. These days I see that I usually send between 5 and 12 visitors to a link in any one day. There is no great secret to why this is. It is because of the reduced numbers of visitors this blog attracts, between 80 and 150 in any one day as opposed to the 1200 to 1700 visitors that it used to get, at the height of it’s popularity. With so many other social media sources available now, I would never expect to get the amount of traffic here that I used to get but I would like to increase the foot fall a bit, so that I can get more people to follow links to somewhere fun.

Recently, whilst suffering from a seasonal lurgy, I did a daily single “Spec”tacular Spanking image post, as I did not feel able to spend too much time at the computer. This sent visitor numbers up on a nice climbing curve but as soon as I got back to the normal posting routine, the numbers dropped to what they where before. From this it looks like more regular posting gets more numbers than quality posting. So far I have come up with four options as to what to do now.

1 – Carry on as things are now and put up with not being able to spread much click love.

2 – Do cheap and easy daily picture posts with just the occasional well planed and thought out post.

3 – Carry on with my three posts a week and fill in the other days with quick and easy single picture posts.

4 – Give up on this blog and find a more popular platform like Twitter (this is my least favourite option).

If anyone has an opinion on which is the best one to pick or can think of any other options, I would love to hear about them.


15 responses

  1. Please don’t give up your blog. We need to hold our community together. Since you have been away for a while, it will take time to get your numbers up again. I think #3 is the best option.

  2. I look forward to your postings as well. I vote for #3.

  3. Please don’t stop blogging! I haven’t been following for long, but even on a laid back schedule you’re posting more than many blogs I follow. And when you do post, I’ve seen some interesting conversation here. I’d go with #1 or #3 personally.

    I started an art/story spanking thing at the end of last year and have only posted twice… my aim is to eventually be posting as often as once per *month* because they’re labor intensive so I just can’t do more than that!

    I’m always happy to see something from this blog in my RSS feed!

    • I saw the “Blackberry” post Xen. It looks like you have something interesting there but you are right that that kind of post is labour intensive and is difficult to do on a frequent basis.

      I don’t think that I am ready to give up this blog just yet. I just kind of needed to get something off my chest. That is always a better option than letting it fester in your head and become a bigger problem than it really is.


      • i posted a Krampus story for Christmas but I’m kind of having to rethink how to create things to make them feasible.

        I get you, I had a long running blog that I put a ton of energy into for years, and it was sad and frustrating when other priorities meant I couldn’t manage the same time level of investment anymore.

        • I’ll try to catch that Krampus story Xen. what was your old blog called?


          • My old blog is still up, but it’s a design/essay blog using my real name, otherwise I’d share! Who knows, maybe I’ll post again someday if I ever solve WordPress. (I messed up the theme and could never get it back how I wanted.)

  4. Hi Prefectdt,

    The blog community has changed a lot over the years and there just isn’t the amount of bloggers and visitors anymore.

    I always enjoy visiting. Please don’t shut down. I think option 3 also.


  5. Hi Prefecdt,

    I’m going to join the choice #3 crowd. As a blog that doesn’t get a lot of action I can appreciate the frustration. But I go back to the fact that I really do it more for myself. If people come through it’s cool and hopefully they are amused or informed.

    Your blog has been one I always pay attention to because it is typically interesting and entertaining. As much as it’s cool to see pictures , it’s vastly more entertaining to read perspectives from those who truly love this thing we do.

    I hope you keep going because it would be a loss if you dropped off.


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