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My New Pervertable

Like every true spanko, I love everyday objects that can be turned to more fun and painful purposes, which pretty much a description of what a pervertable is. Not only do such things have enjoyable uses but they are usually cost effective too. This one only cost me three Euros and Ninety cents.

It is a silicone headed strainer spoon, with a good, sturdy handle and a slightly flexible head. I have only tried a few self spanking swats with it but it is a bit different from an normal, wooden, spoon. About the same pain intensity but a sensation that is a little less concentrated on the crown of the spoons curve. Looking at that photo I also realize that my scale ruler has seen better days (I have had it since the 1980’s) and I should replace it. It never gets used for spanking.

This is not the only special spoon in my collection there is also one in this bottom cooking set.

Which, if you like, you can find out more about the creation of these through


Spoons And Spanking Potential

As we are on the subject of spoons for spanking, I did take a look at Etsy and found a few for sale especially for spanking purposes. And thought it would be nice to post some images of these and some images of how they could be used 🙂 A link to the Etsy page is at the bottom of the post.


This post is not sponsored by Etsy.


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  1. I love our silicone implements! We’ve only got one wooden spoon that leaves any kind of an impact (from Target, beechwood 😬) but the silicone ones are all pretty satisfying. We don’t have any of those with holes though, I’ll have to keep my eyes open… I’m curious whether it changes the bite at all.

    • I don’t have a silicone spoon without holes in to compare it to Xen. Compared to a normal wooden spoon though the bite seems to be more spread out but I think that the silicone helps with this difference.


  2. Ooh, I love spoons! LoL. I find for me they certainly can pack a punch, and can leave some good marks. Then again, our one is more like a paddle. Haven’t tried any silicone implements. I have heard it’s seriously ouchy stuff.


    • I tend to shy away from a lot of modern materials, like plastic, Roz but silicone is an exception for me. It hurts so good 🙂 kind of harsh but the sensation makes it tolerably harsh, if you get my meaning.


  3. Oh spoons. I hate them. Just saying.

    When BIKSS and I took a small break during the hiccup of some-years-ago, I got to clearing my bedside drawer and took special delight in chucking out the spanking spoons. I’m happy to report he hasn’t quite replaced them.

  4. For some reason wooden spoons have never been a big play toy ……. however I did have a yard stick (meter stick) that packed a huge sting!! For awhile it was the toy I loved to hate.. unfortunately it broke a few years back

    • You might consider trying a wooden spoon morningstar. They are far more concentrated on a small spot than a yard stick, when the convex side is used for the strike. Alternatively they make a good warm up toy or a toy for when your tolerance is not so high when the strike is made with the concave side, with a spoon without holes, as you are mostly being spanked with a trapped pocket of air.



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