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There is some information in this post that may be of interest to those working in medical facilities around the world. Otherwise their will be no interesting images or anything like that in this post, it is just about some of the events and situations in Belgium, at this time.

CT Scanners Being Used To Test For COVID 19

I’m not sure if it is because this is already old news to everyone around the world or just because Belgium is, as usual, being ignored but I have not seen any news of this happening in any other country. But Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital Brussels or UZ Brussel) have successfully been using CT scanners as testing facilities to detect COVID 19 in people who have not yet shown symptoms of the virus. I hope that this information is of some use to someone somewhere in the world. Here is a link to the news article that informed me of this.


Bad Numbers For Belgium

Things are starting to seem very serious here (thus no kinky photos in this post) in Belgium. As of last Sunday, 29th of March 2020, Belgium became the country with the third most deaths from COVID 19 per head of population, in the world. The numbers at that time where 71 deaths per 1 million of the population, surpassed only by Spain and Italy. The total population of Belgium is just short of eleven and a half million. It is sadly obvious that that number will be larger as I write and publish this post. I hope that I will not post any more statistics on this blog, as I do not want it to become a regular update of the “Butchers Bill” but I feel that it is important that this land is not overlooked at this time.

Proposed New Date For Restrictions In Belgium

The restrictions in Belgium as outlined in the links to the following two posts



That are currently in place until 19th April 2020 are likely to be extended until 3rd May 2020. I will post more information on that when it becomes available.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Capacity Belgium

In Limburg, the hardest hit province in Belgium, some Hospitals have exceeded their capacity for patients in need of ICU treatment and have had to transfer patients to other Hospitals. Brussels Hospitals are also reported to be approaching capacity for ICU beds and may have to start transferring patients. However as a whole, as stated by news reports on Tuesday 30th March, Belgium was only using 47 percent of it’s ICU beds and capacity is still available on a national scale.


I still feel in good health and am not showing any symptoms at this time.

My employer, a local authority, has returned myself and my work colleagues to full time work. I would approve of this IF we where being re directed to work that might help with the present situation but we have not been. Instead we are continuing with our normal work, where we are at risk of spreading any viral infection that we might be exposed to from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, as we work at multiple locations every week. I am not happy about this, as it is particularly stupid and a bad indication of the competence of our local political leaders.

Thank you

I would like to express my heart felt thanks to all those medical professionals, volunteers and all those workers that keep the wheels of society turning and supplies getting to where they need to be, at this difficult time. Both here in Belgium and in the World as a whole.

And keep washing your hands


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  1. I’m glad you checked in !!! Things are muddling along here – with new restrictions being enforced as of tonite midnight.
    Keep safe and yes (grinning) wash your hands!

    • Please keep us up to date on your restrictions and especially how effective they are morningstar. Internationally shared information is vital to us all right now.


  2. Roz harrison

    Thank you for the update Prefectdt, we have another two weeks to go but I’m sure our level 4 restrictions will be extended beyond that too. The use of CT scanners there is interesting. It is scary when you see the numbers. Our hope here is that we acted much earlier and therefore have a chance to get control before the virus invades like it has oversees.

    If only more people would be as sensible and as caring and giving as you are. Good on you for the volunteer work you have been doing. I join you in a huge thank you to all essential workers, especially our medical staff and volunteers.


    • Hi Roz. I have only taken part in one volunteer event so far, perhaps there will be more later. Best guess here is that restrictions will go on until June but that all depends on infections plateauing and going on a down turn.



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