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Daily Archives: April 8, 2020


Pencil Skirts That Is

There is just something so complimentary to the female form, about the way that these hip, thigh and bottom hugging garments fit to the wearer

Like most males that like to bend over and take some punishment, I do have sexual fantasies about spanking scenarios. And in these imagined interactions I very often find the spanker is wearing a pencil skirt.

But when actually playing, like most male bottoms and subs, I find that sexual activity is not something that I want at that time. Most find, as I do, that spanking makes any trouser excitement go away or not appear in the first place.

But even when sex is not in the mix, pencil skirts are an attire that exudes authority and control. They are just so neat and tidy and no nonsense.

So if imagining a sexy interaction with a fantasy Top.

Or actually bending over and receiving my just desserts in real life.

Pencil skirts always seem appropriate 🙂

I wonder who first designed this wonderful garment?