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Daily Archives: April 12, 2020


This is a scheduled post. As it appears on the blog I should be away on a day trip to the beach (my bathroom). Where I will be leaning on a bar (wash basin) sipping a cocktail (can of fizzy ice tea) and chatting with the bar man (my reflection in the mirror). The breeze (provided by an electric fan) will stop the sun (light bulb) from making the day too warm. There is only one thing more to make this fantasy day out perfect…….

A Beach Thrashing

And Just Because I Like It

The best version of the main theme of Schindler’s List, by John Williams, that I have heard to date.

And if you would still like to have a go, at the little quiz that I posted on Friday, please scroll down to the last post. The answers will be posted tomorrow (Monday 13th April).