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Daily Archives: June 7, 2020


A Fine Tradition

This is a tradition from the Czech Republic. Where every Easter girls hand out Easter eggs after getting some whups from a pomlazka, a rod made of woven willow branches. It would be nice if this tradition spread world wide but the other way around. I wouldn’t mind being the one handing out the chocolate eggs 🙂

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Black lives Matter

Many other blogs have made posts about the recent protests around the world and I would like to add my support for these actions, when they are as peaceful as the authorities allow them to be. But some authorities use provoking methods to disturb the peace.

These protests help define what the problem is and that is important. But once it is clear to all where the problem lies, it is even more important to find ways of resolving that problem.

The problem is authority figures, from the people at the top through to people at the bottom of the system and all those inbetween who abuse their position in order to further the cause of race hatred. I have known plenty of managers, politicians, police officers and others who are good people and should be allowed and encouraged to continue doing what they do best. But amongst them are abusers and those who support abusers. These are the people who need to be identified and removed from any position where they have authority over others.

There are a few hundred million people in the world who have the chance to remove one of these abusers, from the very top of the pile, peacefully, armed with their right to vote in a democratic election, later this year.

Let’s see how they get on.