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It is Sunday night, as I put this post together. I have spent the best part of the day trying and failing to do my tax form on line and so have to guiltily admit that I have not got much time to construct this post and have had to resort to my back up plan of showing you some of the GIFs that I have found lately. I hope that you enjoy them.

Liberally leathered

This looks fun

Is this a good paddling?

Or is this?

What is she whupping him with?

And if I asked her if Prefectdt should get a good caning for not allowing enough time to post, what do you think that she said about that?


6 responses

  1. Great finds Prefectdt, ouch!!


    • Yes Roz OUCH. Especially the last caning GIF, even when my butt is well in practice (which it isn’t now) I don’t think that I could handle that level of caning.


  2. That 2nd scene from the top with the cane does indeed look fun in an intense way. I’d love the bottom caning scene were it not for the cigarette!

  3. Ouch. Wouldn’t like to be on the end of that paddle.


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