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OK, this blog is in danger of becoming too serious, it is time to have a little fun. From the amount of spankees in the world it is obvious that the spankee gene is attached to the survivor gene. Spankees have survived everything from the ice age to world wars, so how can being a spankee help us survive a plane crash?

Number 1/ Please keep your seat belt fastened at all times

BDSM subs may have the jump on us on this one, enjoying bondage more but you would be hard pushed to find a spankee that does not go in for the odd tie down. So rather than being in too much of a hurry to unbuckle, the average spankee will be enjoying that constrained feeling and will keep their belt on for as long as necessary.

Number 2 Assume the (crash) position

with the average crashing jet liner going from about 300 kilometres per hour (200mph) to 0 in about four seconds, being in the right position on impact can mean the difference between life and death. Your vanilla passenger might find it difficult to stay in the right place whilst hurtling back to earth ,whereas your spankee is used to maintaining difficult positions in stressful situations.

Number 3/ Doing the bratty dodge

Most air crash victims survive the initial impact but become fatalities by not being able to get out of the plane fast enough or not getting far enough away from the plane after exiting it. Years of dodging grabbing tops, shooting through small gaps and generally finding that elusive exit route to a study door, will have equipped your natural brat with the skills to get out of and away from that burning plane with a good head start on all the poor vanilla passengers.

Number 4/ Save me and you can spank me

This one will probably work better for the female spankees than for male (damn! the girly subs grass is always greener) but it might be worth a try even for the boys. Shout this out while bobbing up and down in the water or trapped under a piece of wreckage.Even a vanilla rescuer might be swayed by the thought of having a pert bottom staring up at them from their lap, to give the spankee priority over other victims on the “who to rescue first” list.

Number 5/ Listen to the pre flight instructions OR ELSE!

Many air crash fatalities are caused by passengers not remembering the proper crash position, where the exits are or lots of other things that they are told in the pre flight instructions. So while all the vanilla passengers are picking their noses and worrying how their fold down tray works, during this little lecture, pretend you are in class, sit up straight, listen to every detail, assume that you are going to be asked very probing questions about what you are being told and that a stout caning is going to happen if you cannot answer these questions. That way you will be far better informed than the doomed vanilla, in the seat in front of you.

Personally, I wonder if there is any good survival advice for all the tops and dom(me)s out there?

Note About This Post

This post is actually an enhanced repost. I stumbled upon it whilst looking for something different. It comes from March the 10th 2010 and I cannot remember writing or posting it, so it seemed like something new to my eyes, that gave me a bit of a giggle. So I decided to repost the mainly written post of the me from ten years ago and add some images as the more photograph based blogger that I am now. So this post is the Frankenstein’s monster post that is either the best or the worst of the two me’s from ten years apart.

Enjoy your flight 🙂



Are You Undressing Me With Your Eyes Again?



The Blog Calendar For August

Summer, in the northern hemisphere, roles on and it is time to start the calendar for the second half of the year. I really like this image, it suggests so many stories and fantasies that it could occupy the mind for some time as one lies on a sun lounger enjoying some free time. And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, remember spring is just around the corner.

Coronavirus/Covid 19 Belgium

As of today, new restrictions are in place in Belgium, aimed at stemming the recent rise in infections. These restrictions are proposed to be in place for four weeks, if they work. If they don’t work other measures will probably be taken. Normally I would list the new measures but like many people here, I think that I am suffering from a little restriction fatigue and so I will just put a link to a news paper article that lists the new restrictions. It is depressing to have such a reversal in trends just when things seemed to be going so well.


Oh well, keep washing your hands everyone.



That Perfect Inverted Heart




Luckily, whilst I was on my little break away in June, I managed to get my rear end so spanked that it ended up being redder, hotter and more glowing than a hot, red glowing thing. Due to my diligence about keeping confidentialities, I am afraid that I cannot tell you any details about that. But it was the first time in nearly a year and it did my state of sanity no end of good. Due to the worsening situation in Belgium, regarding Covid 19, it is a possibility that lockdown restrictions might return and the thought of waiting another year for a spanking sends me running to the whisky bottle. Could getting a spanking machine be a possible solution, should the worst happen?

Building something like this might help

But I would not have a clue how to make a machine like this and as very long term readers of this blog might remember

My own attempts at building a spanking machine crashed and burned

So I took a look on YouTube to see what is available

She found the second whup highly effective

This looks like it might be worth while when set on ten

Solves the problem of hitting the same spot every time

Now this one shows potential but I’m not sure about getting a compressor

In interesting times these things have to be considered 🙂



Preparing For The Caning

And Then The Caning

Covid 19 in Belgium A Brief Update

I have to admit that I feel a bit demoralised about this, at the moment. After an extended period of improving figures and falling infection rates, that lead to many welcome relaxations of restrictions, the past two weeks has seen a turn around. Right now the numbers are not huge but the percentages are bad, last I looked, infection rates where rising at an average of over 60 percent week on week. The reproduction rate (R rate) of the disease in Belgium has risen to about 1.4. As a result, the proposed phase 5 lifting of restriction, that where planned for the 1st of August, have been cancelled. The compulsory use of face masks has been extended to busy streets, markets and all other crowded places, indoors and out. Town mayors have been given the powers to add further restrictions in the areas under their jurisdiction, if they feel that it is necessary to do so. Lets hope these restrictions are enough to improve the situation.

Finally, the entire sea front and beaches of Belgium have been declared compulsory face mask zones. So for any women planning to go for a dip in the sea, on the Belgian coast, you might consider obtaining one of these.