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Daily Archives: July 8, 2020


And I am not talking about an archaeological find, this is a very modern set up.

In a raid by Dutch police, a warehouse was found to with seven cargo containers in it. Six of these where believed to be containment cells and one was set up as a torture chamber.

Although I think that I could have done a better job of converting a dentists chair to a piece of restraining furniture, it is still very scary that people are making things like this for real life use and not for fantasy play.

Here are some quotes from news sources

“Six suspects have been arrested after Dutch police discovered a secret “hell-like” prison with a torture chamber near the Belgian-Dutch border.”

“Officers raided the site at Wouwse Plantage on the Dutch-Belgian border”

“Six of the containers were intended as cells in which people could be tied up and one container was intended as a torture chamber”

“A search of the containers uncovered bags containing tools including hedge cutters, scalpels and pliers. The items “were likely intended to torture victims or at least put them under pressure”, the police said.”

If you would like to read more try the following links

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And a video report of the raid

The fantasy of torture chambers is great but the real life version is scary and definitely not for me or you, I hope.