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Daily Archives: July 13, 2020


Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Helping in the fight against the bad guys and assisting the good, Alex Danvers is one of the main characters in the TV show


In the show she is the older sister of the adopted alien Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl.

Her character is very accomplished in her own right having an MD and a Ph.D in bloody hard science. Along with being a leading operative with the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations).

Who knows what array of laser whips light rods and other technology she has hidden away at the department, for dealing with wayward, bad guy’s rear ends.

She certainly has a lot of equipment to choose from and it would be better than getting shot by her πŸ™‚

She almost makes me want to put on a silly costume and rob a fictional bank πŸ™‚

About Chyler Leigh

Ms Leigh was born in 1982 in Virginia, where she lived until she was 12 and then moved to Miami. At 16 her and her mother moved to Los Angeles to help her pursue an acting career, in which she has been highly successful also appearing in Grey’s Anatomy and Not Another Teen Movie as well as having may other rolls. She has also been a model and a singer. She also successfully fought off a drug addiction problem. Ms Leigh is married to Nathan West, with whom she has a son and two daughters. She is a patron of the charity Thirst Project that aims to provide people with clean water resources world wide. If you would like to know more about her please click the following link.

Chyler Leigh