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Daily Archives: July 27, 2020


Luckily, whilst I was on my little break away in June, I managed to get my rear end so spanked that it ended up being redder, hotter and more glowing than a hot, red glowing thing. Due to my diligence about keeping confidentialities, I am afraid that I cannot tell you any details about that. But it was the first time in nearly a year and it did my state of sanity no end of good. Due to the worsening situation in Belgium, regarding Covid 19, it is a possibility that lockdown restrictions might return and the thought of waiting another year for a spanking sends me running to the whisky bottle. Could getting a spanking machine be a possible solution, should the worst happen?

Building something like this might help

But I would not have a clue how to make a machine like this and as very long term readers of this blog might remember

My own attempts at building a spanking machine crashed and burned

So I took a look on YouTube to see what is available

She found the second whup highly effective

This looks like it might be worth while when set on ten

Solves the problem of hitting the same spot every time

Now this one shows potential but I’m not sure about getting a compressor

In interesting times these things have to be considered 🙂