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Daily Archives: August 17, 2020


On Friday I Posted This Photograph

Because I thought it was funny to see what happened to a woman’s breasts during a naked skydive. That was naughty of me but the image turned out to be popular. Having taken the mickey out of the girls it only seemed right to find out what happened to a boy’s bits in the same situation and I found the following……

I’m sorry but I found these far too funny not to share

First, boy bits in free fall

And a girl’s other bits plummeting to earth

It is terrible of me but I found these so funny that I could not resist posting them, once I had stopped laughing. I think that next time that I get spanked, I will have to ask that the proceedings start with a proper punishment caning, for this terribly tasteless post that I have inflicted on you poor readers. Straight to bare, a ‘no warm up’ hard caning, with the largest and most painful cane available. Please leave your opinion in the comment box on how many strokes of the cane I should receive?

Yours, very apologetically