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Daily Archives: August 24, 2020


The Original Song By Joni Mitchell

I don’t think that I have ever done a spanking related song parody before, so I thought it might be worth having a go. It is based on the song Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, who I regard as one of the finest lyricists of the 20th century. You can see the original in the video above.

Both Sides Now, A Spankos Version

Rows of canes and leather tails

Bundled birch twigs on a chair

Painful fun things every where

I’ve looked at toys that way

But now they break upon my butt

They hurt too much or not enough

So many highs I could have had

But toys worked the other way

I’ve looked at toys from both sides now

From hurt to fail and still somehow

It’s toy illusions I recall

I really don’t know toys at all

Stern and strict and very proud

With mighty will, that toy they weald

Their harsh attention you will reap

I’ve looked at Tops that way

But now they turn and walk away

Sometimes to come another day

But in the end they’ll fade away

They’re never here to stay

I’ve looked at Tops from both sides now

From hard to fun and still somehow

It’s Top’s illusions that I recall

I really don’t know Tops at all

Mental escapes and breathing slow

To scream “Yes Ma’am” and mean it so

While fairies dance inside your mind

I’ve looked at play that way

But now my hide is aching bad

The crash has come and I feel sad

From spinning highs you hit the ground

It happens every time

I’ve looked at Play from both sides now

From joy to cry and still somehow

It’s play illusions I recall

I really don’t know Play at all

Have a great week