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Some More Photos Of Dinant

The campsite

The campsite that I used to visit Dinant was about an hours walk outside the town and was situated in a loop of the river Lesse, which is a very pretty half wild river.

It is a shame that there where no pitches with a view of the river but it was a nice place to camp. Time to play spot the Little Devil 🙂

The river Lesse flows into the river Meuse, which is the large, navigable river that flows through Dinant. I cycled, walked and finally took a boat trip on the Meuse. Here is where the Lesse goes under a Roman bridge into the Meuse.

Travelling along the Meuse towards Dinant, you pass a very formidable but climbable rock, that apparently was often scaled by one of the Belgian Kings, Albert I.

There is a religious building near the Citadel that is a fine example of the type of architecture that can be seen in Dinant. I wish I could show you more buildings but this post would get too long then.

And there was a lot of Saxophone themed artwork all through the town.

That is because Dinant was the birthplace and home of Adolphe Sax, who invented the Saxophone. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, sitting on the bench with him for a selfie is not allowed at this time.

And so after two pleasant days of exploring Dinant and it’s surroundings it was time for me to move on.


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  1. Wow Prefectdt, what awesome pics, thank you for sharing. What a beautiful place and campsite. It looks like such an interesting place to visit. I didn’t know it was the birthplace of the sax.


  2. No sitting next to Adolphe Sax because he isn’t wearing a mask ?
    B 😉

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for sharing, Prefectdt 🙂

  4. glad to know you had a nice vacation. Very interesting to see the town, I loved the photos and the information about Adolphe Sax. no extra photos existed for Dinant. Did you visit her for a spanking? Would be interesting if you did for us to read about your experience.
    bottoms up

    • I took more that 300 photos in Dinant Red but a post can only be so long.

      I am afraid I have no idea of the identity of the person in the photograph, it was an internet find. She does look interesting though. I wonder if she is a real top or a model dressed up for the occasion.


  5. Rafael Santana

    Very beautiful places..!


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