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Daily Archives: October 6, 2020


An Easily Bared Tushy

I thought that these would be great for any spankee. But I found three problems with them. They might be uncomfortable to sit on, they could possibly scratch wooden seating and no matter how hard I searched I could not find any for the boys 😦

The Castle At Bouillon

The castle at Bouillon sits on a high rocky outcrop and is surrounded on three sides by the River Semois There have been defensive structures here, of one sort or another, for over a thousand years

The castle is half built on and half dug out of the rock peak

And inside is traversed inside by low tunnels

A sign lead me to the “Torture Chamber” which turned out to be more of a photo opportunity for tourists, rather than the real thing

There are some great view points from the castle

It is an extensive castle and hard to give an impression of the whole of it without a drone shot and I do not own a drone. On Thursday I will show you some pictures of a demonstration that I attended at the castle.