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I guiltily have to admit that I have not read this book but I have listened to the audio version, link below and it’s sequel The Testaments



But recently I got to see the first two series of the excellent drama series, based on The Handmaid’s Tale book and was surprised to get comments, on my post from Friday 9th of October 2020, from three fellow spankos that have yet to see this. It is a well known feminist work by Margaret Atwood about a dystopia USA that has been renamed Gilead by the Christian fundamentalists that now run the place.

As well as being a significant story it is also full of punishment scenes, which is why I thought that most spankos would have already seen this program. I have to admit that a lot of these punishments I would not like to play out in a spanking/sub dom(me) session but I thought I would give those that have not seen it, the type of things you can expect, as the episodes proceed.

Loosing bits

Definitely not what I would class as safe and sane for play but an important part of the story.

Eyes can be plucked out, hands and tongues cut off. A woman can lose a finger for committing the sin of reading a book.


Now this could be played out in a scene.

Offred (Elisabeth Moss) has the soles of her feet whipped twice

And Serena (Yvonne Strahovski), the commanders wife receives a spanking with a belt from her husband

And there is all the rest


And Worst

Cattle prods

Just general brutality

False executions

And real, absolutely not for play time

Female circumcision, again not for play or any other reason ever

But there is always fight left in the oppressed

And I will finish with my favourite quote from the series 🙂

If you haven’t seen this yet I suggest you give it a go, it is a great series


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  1. I have heard mixed feedback. Those who love it seem to think it is really good. I can’t watch anything violent. I feel bruised and wounded. I seem to feel other people’s physical pain if I see anything violent. But the concept is very interesting.

    • Then Jenna, you should not watch the series. But I would recommend that you read or listen to the book. It is a strong warning not to let democracy slip away from us. There are too many bad people in the world who would like reality to be like the regime in the book. The character of Serena interests me the most as this is a world that she helped to create and then she finds that it is the worst kind of nightmarish trap for her.


  2. I LOVE Margaret Atwood and love the Handmaid’s Tale – read both books and watched the whole series ……… it was a very powerful movie

    • I am one who hasn’t read the books or watched. I’m not a fan of dystopian stories plus, this just sounds like non-consensual violence and pretty brutal. Doesn’t tweak my kink.


      • Each to their own Roz. But when I was growing up, like many young spankos, fictional non consenting scenes in books and on TV and in the films where the things that grabbed my attention. Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë, Enid Blyton they where the stuff of my childhood, so perhaps that desensitized me but I would never do non consenting in real life.


    • You are right there morningstar. She is an amazing author and the series was very powerful.


  3. Not my cup of teas, whatsoever. Violence for no reason except showing a fantasy society is just sad, and I always wonder about its effect on people.
    bottoms up

    • I see this kind of fiction as a warning Red. So that we can appreciate the freedoms we have and learn to preserve them. The similarities between The Handmaid’s Tail and the factual book The Good Germans are frighteningly obvious.



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