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Longing For The Sweet Harsh Kiss Of The Open Hand

It must be nearly two years now since I last presented my bare buttocks for a hand spanking

For me it did not use to represent the high point of spanking play but absence has made the heart grow fonder

Now I long for the heat of thighs beneath me, the feeling of muscles in motion as the hand is brought crashing down upon tender flesh, over and over in a heavenly nightmare of rapidly repeated impacts, exploding in wonderful pain

To be honest with you I long for the physical, skin to skin touch of any human being right now, pain play related or just normal vanilla contact. But at the top of my list of desires for the human touch, the magnificent submission of being over a woman’s knee and hearing palm striking bottom, holds a high summit

Back in February of this year, I arranged to go for a coffee with a friend in a nearby town. When we met we shook hands. That was the last time that I had physical, skin to skin contact with another human being. Eight months ago

Now I long for skin to skin contact in it’s most gloriously extreme form as someone drives their hand so hard into a buttock, it is as if they are trying to create enough heat to weld the two together

I was lucky enough to get a successful play date back in June, which considering my circumstances combined with the difficulties of the pandemic, leaves me feeling very happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy that this year. But by mutual agreement both of us decided to keep as much distance as is humanly possible whilst in a spanking play situation. We did this with the use of a belt two floggers and a cane. But I have to admit that the interaction lacked somewhat, from not being able to get close up and personal. O! I want a hand spanking so much right now

I guess that the old saying is true “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

Let’s hope that this all ends soon and we can all get back to some sort of normality


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  1. There is nothing like the skin to skin contact of a hand spanking Prefectdt. I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer to find that connection.


    • I hope so too Roz. Still there are worse things in the world. If my mother was still alive I think that she would tell me to stop whining and tell me that “If you think that this is bad, you should try wearing a full gas mask all night while you’re being bombed by Hitler”.


  2. ugh – I don’t realize how lucky I am some days…… we don’t have a lot of play going on around here…. BUT… I do have lots of skin contact – hugs and snuggles…
    As I read your post this morning it made me realize how lucky I am! to have Sir Steve … to be in a healthy relationship…….
    Hopefully things will slowly return to normal soonish – like maybe spring? summer?
    (note I didn’t put a year in …….cheeky grin)

    • Hugs and snuggles sound very good right now morningstar. Even a hand shake or a friendly peck on the cheek would be nice but it would be unwise for people to venture further than their circle right now. I am glad that you have Sir Steve and the little one in your circle.

      And thanks for not making the sentence a full year your honour 🙂


  3. The bonding when being spanked is fantastic and OTK, skin to skin, is delicious. We have only used hand spanking softly now, as Cindy once hurt her hand spanking me. (we even had to go to emergency when a finger was swelling )
    I cannot see the pandemic ending, with out a change of game plan, from what is being done.
    try to keep smiling, and travel the way you do as often as feasible and permitted.
    bottoms up


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