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COVID 19 Belgium – Situation Dire And Getting Worse

Belgium is a land of just over 11 million souls. As I write this, on Saturday 24th of October, the average daily new infection rate for the disease is over 10 thousand people a day. This means that 1 percent of the population is being infected in less than a 2 week period. You can read more about this in…


Average daily infection rates are expected to breach 20 thousand before the end of next week. You can read about this in…


One week ago, the new government imposed new measures to help curtail the spread of the virus. These included a return to home working for those that can, closing all bars and restaurants, imposing a curfew from midnight until 5am, banning the sale of alcohol after 8 pm and limiting everyone to having one close contact outside of their household.

As of 24th of October further measures have been imposed nationwide. These include professional sports games can still take place, but without an audience, amateur games for everyone over 18-years-old will be prohibited, games for youth up to 18 are also still allowed but only one person per family can attend, a maximum of 20% of students is allowed to be present in an auditorium or classroom and no more than 200 people are allowed at the same time in theatres, cinemas and concert halls. You can read more about this in…


Even stricter measures are being enforced in Brussels and Wallonia. You can see more through the following two links.



If anyone has friends or family in Belgium and they want to have an idea of how things are going where they live, you can follow the link below, scroll down the page, type in the name of their municipality and that will give you a figure for how many people have tested positive for the disease in that area over the last two weeks.


Personally, I am still in good health but am feeling very weary of all this. It feels like the virus is doing to Belgium what is happening in this GIF.

Everybody stay safe and do the best to protect yourselves and those around you


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  1. Hi Prefectdt,

    I’m sorry the situation has worsened there. It is concerning that the virus has had such a re-surge in the Northern hemisphere. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well, stay safe!


    • We were expecting a second wave Roz. Just not this soon and getting so bad so fast. I suspect that we will be back in lockdown in just a few weeks, if the new measures don’t start working.That would have to happen so that the hospitals don’t get swamped.


  2. Please stay safe. We are also experiencing a second wave, although not as bad as yours.


  3. Sad to read, but loved the gif. I really cannot understand how governments are trying to live with the virus! Just read that Taiwan has had no new infections for 200 days. The virus, if not killing a person, has long term effects altering the life of the person in some (many?) cases.
    How many deaths does it take to say the measures we are taking do not work.
    bottoms up

    • I wish I knew what would work. I think that we will be back in lockdown in the next couple of weeks Red. The ICU beds are filling up fast in Belgium, pressure needs to be taken off the hospitals.



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