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Some Gaston Sonck Leather Work

For any new visitors to the world of spanking, a pervertable is a vanilla article that can be used in spanking or BDSM play

I am now the proud owner of a belt and a short strap made by Gaston Sonck of Butterfly Leather. This guy does not have a huge internet footprint but you can check out his Facebook page through this link


Whilst on a visit to Durbuy, in September I saw this small leather shop and had to pop in to have a look around

The moment that I walked in the smell hit me. The smell of real leather. Not like the leather that you get now but the leather that you used to get during my childhood and youth. The smell that leather spanking toys used to have in my early days as an adult spankee. This is stiff harsh leather, not the supple pliant leather of these times. This was real, old fashioned leather.

I knew that I had to have something to play with from this shop. You just cannot find this type of leather around any more. And all the articles in this shop where hand crafted and hand tooled. I chose a wide belt and a short strap, that was meant to be a wrist band but I refused the offer of Mr Sonck to but the attachments on to it and fit it to my wrist as I wanted it for a spanking strap, although I did not tell him that 🙂 .

I am not a great fan of the decorations on the strap but of the selection available it was the most suited for spanking games. It is 30 centimetres long, 3 centimetres wide and like the belt 4 millimetres thick. just nice for a small OTK or dogging strap.

The belt has a detachable buckle and is curved in shape to better fit the human form, just like real belts in the old days used to be and is decorated with a flower and leaf design. It is nearly 120 centimetres long, 4 centimetres wide, 4 millimetres thick, is stiff and stout. This beast is going to hurt like hell and I am longing to find out how painful it is.

To buy the two articles I talked with Mr Sonck, who spoke good enough English and we struck a bargain of 50 Euros. not cheap but well worth the quality and craftsmanship, in my opinion.

Usually I buy pervertable because they make cheap and effective spanking toys but for this belt and strap it was well worth the cash for the chance to experience the lash of leather on skin, from the times when leather was real leather and not overly supple strips as it is now.

If you ever find yourself in the city of Durbuy, in the Belgian Ardennes, I recommend that you take a look around Mr Sonck’s shop, It’s not hard to find Durbuy is a very small place, even if it is only to take in the smell of real leather and see the beauty of leather craftsmanship.


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  1. I don’t actually respond to leather smell the way you do – for me it’s wood….OH MY! taking me to a lumber yard will set my skin to tingling (grinning)
    I love the look of your purchases though – and am sure you are anxious to break them in…. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this latest upswing in numbers of covid won’t last too long….

    • It was the smell of old style leather that I had not experienced for decades morningstar 🙂 I get what you mean about wood though, freshly worked and before the varnish or paint goes on. Cedar is particularly nice. Hopefully the new measures will start working soon. I hope that things get better in Canada too.


  2. I love the smell of leather. I wouldn’t have been able to resist going in his shop and your belt looks lovely. I’ll be keeping fingers crossed that it’s not too long before they are used.


    • I hope that there are some craftsman type leather producers still left in the UK Ronnie. I might go looking for some, the next time that I have a chance to get over. I hope that things get better in the Midlands soon too, take care.


  3. What a great find that store was Prefectdt. I love your purchases and the decorations. I loove leather lol. There is nothing like the smell of ‘real’ leather.


  4. An interesting belt, and I do hope he is able to stay in business with so many things closed. I purchased a crocodile belt in Australia, and it is both beautiful and so very hard. We have not used it yet as a spanking implement.
    bottoms up

    • Mr Sonck seemed to have a lot of traffic in his shop, I get the feeling that he is well known in the area. If you ever do use the crocodile belt, please post about it, you have made me very curious 🙂



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