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Well Let’s See If You Like This Kind Of Horsing Around

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  1. delightful picture, if she is waiting to cane us, or if she is at least 18 and waiting to be caned.
    Bottoms up

    • I had a membership to Montrose Academy and the lady in the post topped in some of the clips Red. She impressed me very much with both her technique and practicality. I think that I would like to be caned by her 🙂


  2. I agree, very nice pic Prefectdt. I was also trying to work out if she would be wielding or receing the cane.


    • i am starting to look at that site. Beautiful photos, but no archive to show an overview.
      bottoms up

      • After reading your comment Red, I went and had a look at the site and I can see that they have not updated their format in what must be nearly ten years and the site is not very informative about it’s content. I did enjoy the clips from there though but I will warn you that it caters to F/m action for those that prefer the severe side of spanking action.


    • Definitely wielding Roz 🙂 Although all grown up she does have a youthfulness to her looks. I think that is why she was put in a senior prefect type roll rather than a teacher.


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