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Just to help keep us all calm in troubled times

COVID 19 Belgium – Lockdown Sort Of

Due to the pandemic, as of midnight tonight, the nation of Belgium is going into a sort of second lockdown, for this year. It is not the same as the one that we had in spring, the main differences are…

1/ Apart from an extended half term holiday schools will remain open and will give lessons, in a mixture of on line and on site learning

2/ The international borders will not be closing

3/ Supermarkets and other shops that can remain open will not be allowed to sell non essential items such as electrical goods – I have yet to see a full list of what else is prohibited

4/ Unnecessary travel is advised against but not banned

As far as I know at this time, the other regulations are the same as we had in spring. These conditions are proposed until the middle of December, with an assessment of results and a review of the situation scheduled for the 1st of December.

Post Update – Bad News Good News

Bad news – It was announced today that only 106 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are now available for use by COVID 19 patients across Belgium. All the rest are already occupied.

Good news – Due to trans European cooperation, during the crisis, Belgian COVID patients have been taken into care in German hospitals. The German authorities have decided to increase the number of patients they are prepared to take at this time.

Good luck everyone. I hope that the situation in all countries improves soon


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  1. oh WOW! are you able to still work?? seems to me in the spring you weren’t allowed to…
    Stay safe and healthy dear friend

    • Yes I will still be working morningstar. In spring we had our work week cut to one or two days a week but that lasted for less than two weeks and then we went back to normal working hours. Take care of yourself and yours.


  2. I’m so sorry you are facing another lockdown Prefectdt, glad it’s not as strict as the firs t. It’s definitely a scary time. Stay safe!


    • I’m not looking forward to living through a second lockdown Roz but I think that it is the only thing that can stop the hospitals from getting overwhelmed right now. Just the way it has to be at this time. I hope everything stays good at your end of the world.


  3. Sad to read, as governments refuse to use complete lock down to kill the virus. Australia has succeeded. So could Belgium or Canada.No travel, period! Stay at home orders except for very few exceptions. Not ding so is massively harming children, and killing people. Freedom is not free, and we have to do the sacrifices to get our lives back.
    bottoms up

    • Once this is all done Red, I think that it would be a good move for annalist to study the effectiveness of different methods, used around the world. So that we have a better idea of what works best, should another lurgy come to haunt us all.



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