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Daily Archives: November 9, 2020


A spankee must always consider the comfort of their spanker. A spanker on an inadequate perch might lose focus on the job of making us spankees feel most uncomfortable, in the rear area 🙂 So here are a few suggestions on ensuring your spanker is not anguished whilst carrying out their duty.

A well upholstered arm chair is always a safe bet

If nothing else is available offer yourself as a convenient resting place

If your spanker wants to use a new piece of furniture or position, ask them to try it out before committing themselves to a possibly cramp inducing spanking

A bed is always a good, soft place to sit and if the spanker gets all tuckered out from spanking you, they can always just lie back and take a rest

And finally, if you are both in bed already, there is absolutely no reason why either of you should get cold tootsies

That concludes this short guide to providing your spanker with suitable seating