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I am trying this blog post theme out for size. It will make this blog a seven day a week post blog although four of those posts, including this theme, will be single image filler posts. I kind of like this type of post as they keep the ball rolling and they give me the chance to post things under the image, that I want to post but don’t really justify a whole post in themselves. Such things as holiday snaps, vanilla news items and changes to the blog.

This post theme will feature a weekly image of one or more rear ends in a state of having been spanked. This will include lightly roasted rumps through to buttocks with severe markings and any level of play inbetween. So let’s start this ball rolling.

That Post Spanking Shower

Image found at



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  1. Interesting marks…especially on the right side – made me think a carpet beater may have been used………

    • It could well be a smaller carpet beater morningstar. I think that I would place my bet on a plimpsoll. “Guess the guilty implement” that’s a fun game you have invented 🙂


  2. Love the title Prefectdt, great idea. Ooh ouch, the post shower burn lol. I agree, interesting marks.


  3. LOVE IT!!!! I will look forward to these posts 🙂

  4. Great Photo. I think you might have found it elsewhere, but thanks for the link anywways
    bottoms up


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