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Daily Archives: December 11, 2020


The cane is the most individual of implements. Every caning seems to have a unique sensation. The same caner with a different cane can feel totally different. Similarly, the same cane used by another caner will feel different too. Personally I don’t recall one caning that was ever the same as another. So I have sought out some GIFs that illustrate a few different styles that can be used by a disciplinarian when handing out a dose of the cane.

Direct Buttock Splat

The same technique from a different camera angle

The Swipe Through

The same but coming from more of a sideways direction

The Severe Flick

The Psychotic Attack

Especially after the shoes come off

Rapid Rinse And Repeat

Personally, I think that I prefer the basic splat, evenly across both buttocks. Has anyone else a preference, from these or from another technique?

A Kinky Christmas Card