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I own a rather large carpet beater and I love the way it makes me dance in a play situation. Although I have been spanked with that and two other carpet beaters they have all been of the same design, which is easily available from a chain store here in Belgium. I would like to experience some of the other designs of this toy and have discovered some GIFs of the variations available of this particular type of pervertable.

This one is a lot like mine

And so is this one

I like the three leaf clover style of this one

This one looks like it would be sharp and concentrated

This one looks like it covers a large area with good airflow

And finally this one seems to create the most pleasing wobble

Me thinks that I will have to explore expanding my collection of this particular type of pervertable 🙂

A Kinky Christmas Card


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  1. Never tried a carpet beater Prefectdt. I gather they pack quite a punch. Quite a range of styles, it would be interesting to compare.

    Love the card, very festive lol


  2. I had completely forgotten my carpet beater…….. in fact I don’t even know what happened to it 😦 am guessing I left it behind in my last move. It did pack quite a nice wallop !!!

  3. I love the carpet beater! I mean, it stings like the dickens, but I love how it hangs in my cleaning closet and doesn’t have to be put away with our other implements…it can live right out in the open. We have a large one (like shown in the pictures) and a smaller version from Cane-iac as well. Leaves a mighty sting on a bare backside!

  4. Love the gifs. We own one, but Cindy has difficulty using it, so it is unfortunately not effective.
    bottoms up

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