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It has been a long time since I have been in a sexual and emotional relationship and even then only of a vanilla nature but it was kind of satisfying when a woman feels that it is not a problem to fart in my presence. Dropping the pretence that she is some sort of super goddess that does not have normal bodily functions and showing a level of trust, in that you will not run out and tell everyone about it. Although I have never found any sexual turn in the occurrence but it seems that there are people who do.

Fart Porn

I first became aware of Fart Porn when I was searching YouTube for interviews with Allison Miller and found that her appearances, giving and receiving spankings at Firm Hand are not her only video activities

Allison Miller letting rip

And she is not the only one

And the internet does not seem to be short of websites catering for people with this particular kink.

Please note that I am making no money or other benefits by linking to these sites, it is just for your curiosity



Personally I think that I will give this particular kink a wide birth (very wide), although it seems harmless enough for those who are into it. I will stick to laughing at cartoon farts 🙂


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  1. Hmm, interesting kink. Think I will give it a wide birth too lol


  2. HAHAHAH I couldn’t help but laugh at your topic for today’s post. I have no issue with farting in front of my S.O. (after we’ve been tog for a bit, that is) but I don’t think I’d incorporate it into our play!

  3. Well, I have learned something today. Nothing useful, but I am continuing to be amazed by the kinks other have. Allison Miller hair is other worldly. Farting and belching was done by some boys in my fourth grade. Now, I find it’s a thing.

  4. Who knew? Here I thought fluffing the covers was just a sneaky way to get the missus out of bed to fix coffee. Now it appears I was flirting with her all this time… 🙂

  5. LOL I am dying here Prefectdt!!! fetish farting oh wow!! will wonders never cease

  6. Goodness gracious, Prefectdt….someone needs a spanking!
    And that someone is you 🙂

  7. ok – now – how do I put this delicately?
    I have no idea!!! So I will say NO COMMENT!
    Officially grossed out over here!

  8. OK, here goes…….I can’t say this is a kink of mine in the way that I seek it out or desire it for stimulation. BUT……….one of the most popular activities Rosa and I engage in is butt worship. I love it. SHE loves it. She can even orgasm just from a butt-tonguing…..and sometimes even I can do the same, becoming so excited between her cheeks that I can spontaneously ejaculate….with permission of course LOL! So, strictly in terms of time spent in a position that
    brings my face in the direct “line of fire” should nature exert its influence. the possibility of a fart-in-the-face is not impossible.

    Now, has it happened? Not really. However, Rosa HAS teased me at the possibility. Often. Often enough that I did say that while it would not be something I would seek, I fully realize that just being where I am I really couldn’t complain if it happened. And in that regard, in terms of each of us teasing the other about this happening……it has become part of our teasing.

    So, in one way, in terms of an actual fart to the face, this is NOT a kink for us, but in terms of teasing and a certain “it hasn’t happened…….yet…….but it could. ” maybe you could say it is?

    • So if I get this right KD the teasing and/or the threat of the event occurring are part of the turn on. That seems to be a kink in itself, the threat of an undesired event being a turn on with hopefully the event never happening. You have given me something to ponder over KD.


      • Yes. Like I said this is not something I am hoping for and I am sure if Rosa really wanted to give me a shock she would have done so by now. She has certainly had plenty of opportunity! LOL

        But I would add that while the teasing is the main play aspect for us, from my perspective and in my position there is also a kind of submissive danger element to it. While it hasn’t happened except in teasing, Rosa can be mischievous if she wraps her head around something. Should she ever get over whatever reluctance has kept her from doing this so far, she is capable of doing it. And because I know this, her threats or teasing does carry a certain weight of possibility.

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