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Daily Archives: January 25, 2021


The Blog Calendar For February

It’s a few days to early to post next month’s calendar page but I will explain why in the second part of this post. This month’s image features a nice classy bedroom spanking. I just can’t figure out if it is happening before or after a posh meal out.

Taking A Break

I am not going away anywhere (chance would be a fine thing) but I need to step away from feeling pressured to keep up finding posting ideas for this blog for a couple of weeks. The Sunday Swishing, Tuesday’s Tantalising tushy, Thursday’s Thrasher and Saturday’s sore seat will continue and inbetween I will schedule single image or GIF posts. I plan to restart normal posting on February 8th, unless something changes, in which case I will inform you.

I need to take a break because I have been having some “Black Dog” days recently. I try to keep this blog an upbeat, general entertainment, spanking blog and do not want to risk my “bit of a downer” mood of the moment to effect posting here. Plus I just need a bit of extra time to think about problems and woes and finding solutions for these. I may reduce my commenting around other blogs for the same reason, basically not having a moan in other peoples comment boxes. So please don’t feel offended or ignored if I am not commenting so much as normal.