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Daily Archives: March 8, 2021


This is only the third in this GIF and photo series of posts as I have found it difficult to find enough good GIFs of interest featuring many performers that I would like to post about but I did find enough to compile this post about…

Samantha Woodley

Ms Woodley appeared in spanking videos for more producers than I can count

She has retired from the spanking production scene, some time ago now, which is a shame as her performances were always worth seeing

Many of us see someone living in our neighbourhood and imagine that they would look good in a spanking video. With Samantha Woodley, I see her in a spanking video and can imagine her living in my neighbourhood. Because of her real life hot type of image

I know little of Ms Woodley other than she liked to travel

And I believe that she decided to move back to her homeland, the USA, as her place of residence

I hope that she is happy doing whatever it is that she is doing now

She has certainly left a legacy of productions that will be popular for a long time to come

And I have yet to see a performance of hers that is not enjoyable

Unfortunately I have no bio or social media links for Ms Woodley, so her videos and photographs will have to speak for her