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This is only the third in this GIF and photo series of posts as I have found it difficult to find enough good GIFs of interest featuring many performers that I would like to post about but I did find enough to compile this post about…

Samantha Woodley

Ms Woodley appeared in spanking videos for more producers than I can count

She has retired from the spanking production scene, some time ago now, which is a shame as her performances were always worth seeing

Many of us see someone living in our neighbourhood and imagine that they would look good in a spanking video. With Samantha Woodley, I see her in a spanking video and can imagine her living in my neighbourhood. Because of her real life hot type of image

I know little of Ms Woodley other than she liked to travel

And I believe that she decided to move back to her homeland, the USA, as her place of residence

I hope that she is happy doing whatever it is that she is doing now

She has certainly left a legacy of productions that will be popular for a long time to come

And I have yet to see a performance of hers that is not enjoyable

Unfortunately I have no bio or social media links for Ms Woodley, so her videos and photographs will have to speak for her


9 responses

  1. Those were great pics/gifs Prefectdt….they didn’t feel ‘scripted’… I had no idea there were so many spanking gifs….

    • Not sure what you mean by scripted morningstar.

      There are a lot of good GIFs around but they tend to disappear after a while. I took a look at the first two posts, from this series and many of the GIFs have already gone


  2. Great post. Truly enjoyable collection. Love the first photo how she captures the look of worry about a forthcoming spanking. Interesting to imagine how many different times she was spanked for photo shoots. Also, have you ever found some of her being the spanker, or was she a bottom throughout her career/
    bottoms up

  3. Such a beautiful spanking model!

  4. These are great Prefectdt, she is a beautiful model and, yes, just imagine the number of spankings she has endured.



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