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Train Bondage




Two floating kinky events were featured. This inspired me to search out more transport based BDSM occurrences. I thought that there might be a train based event somewhere. I was imagining a more spanko type of affair that took place at one of the vintage railway lines, a bit like the Hogwarts Express but with canes instead of wands. I was to be disappointed in my search but did find that railways seem to be very popular amongst the bondage community.

The classic tied to the tracks, a favourite ever since moving pictures were invented

Bondage in a rail carriage

Even on a rail carriage

Once, on a news report, a porn star said that they had made films of all the possibilities for sexual activities except driving a train up it. Well perhaps she was wrong?

I even found some Hentai train bondage

There is some cartoon based bondage available too 🙂

And you can tell when you are in the right station for these activities

Here we reach the terminus of this post. Hope you had a pleasant ride


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  1. mmmmmm (cheeky grin) didn’t you say something about building a model railway?? me thinks you have trains on the brain

    The tied to the track shots – all I can think is ‘ewwwww dirty and how uncomfortable lying on the stones… ewwwwwww’

    • Vintage trains I like morningstar but I am more interested in boats.

      I can see your point about the tracks but it is one of the earliest forms of bondage shown in movies and it gives the good guy a chance to save the day just in time 🙂


  2. Tied to the train tracks! That would appeal to Bacall. I have set a reminder for doing it, when we will be near some suitable abandoned tracks. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Love the final pic the most. How strange that they listed S before M tho.. one would have thot if it was an honest “label” it would be alphabetical… or am I just thinking too much about this…

  4. Ah yes… conjures sweet melodramatic memories of my spanko youth with Dudley Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash and Sweet Nell!

  5. Wow, train tracks. Icon stuff of the early movies. LoL at the car plates, pity they were recalled lol



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