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Bending Over

This post is mostly an excuse to show this first GIF, which is the most stylish preparation for a spanking that I have ever seen. But it is true that women are a lot better at bending over than men are

But even when a woman is being a bit awkward about assuming the position she still manages to be awkward in style

And the thing that I can never do and I have never seen any other man do is attain and maintain a perfectly straight back whilst bending over. And I know, I have tried so often

Back to the practice bench/desk/sofa, I’ll get it right one day 🙂


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  1. Nice gifs Prefectdt, hmm, now I wonder if I have a straight back while bending over lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


  2. Women are just more graceful in general, but certainly not exclusively. LOL. I know some real klutzes.

  3. Beautiful selection of women baring their bottom and bending over. A straight back only works if on a desk
    bottoms up


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