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March Question Month

It seems that March is a month for questions. I have never done this before but seeing that I already have a question to answer, I thought that I might as well go with the flow, as some other kink bloggers are doing. I am making no guarantees but I will try to answer every question that I am asked. So if there is anything you would like to ask me, put it in the comments box of this post or any other post, up until Tuesday the 30th of March and I will do a post on Wednesday the 31st of March with the answers.

You can ask me anything, Kinky or Vanilla. I might have to Safe Word on some subjects but I will try to satisfy your curiosity as best I can.

So lock me in a cellar

Turn up the Juice

And make me talk

Then satisfy your curiosity


11 responses

  1. Hmmmm….well, as you have probably gathered, my particular kink is spanking as discipline. Could you share with your readers about a memorable time you were spanked for being naughty? Or, if that doesn’t apply….perhaps you could share about your most memorable spanking?

  2. Hi I’m leaving this on most participants’ blogs for March questions –

    Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (or have been in the past) besides the hand, on your behind (or your spankee’s behind) and rank them in order of preference pls 🙂

  3. I am curious how you came to live where you do? I know your parents are in Britain…

    (didn’t I leave a question the other day?? I was the bold one who assumed you were doing Q&A wasn’t I? ) IF I did already leave a question you can delete this one if you want (grinning)

  4. Hello all three of you. I will answer these questions and the earlier one left by morningstar next week


  5. In what capacity do you use your botanical skills? Vegetable yields? Garden design? Something else? As a gardener with small ponds, I’m curious.

    Also……….what is your opinion of Affligem Tripel?

  6. Hi Prefectdt, I was curious how you came to be in Belgium too.

    As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong), you have experienced being both spanker and epamkee. Which is your preference?

    Where in the world would you like visit (when that becomes an option again)?


  7. How about just letting your readers know just a little more about you. I know you are British, but that’s it.

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