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No! Dungeons And Dragons Was Last Week, This Week It’s Time For My Idea Of Role Playing


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  1. MMM what a yummy outfit that is!

  2. Oh yes, thaf is definitely some outfit!


  3. The outfit? She looks like a sadistic bumblebee. LOL

    There is something about posed pros that always seems silly to me. I probably would be the wrong person to ever seek the services of a Pro-Domme. 😉 She’s cute enough though.

  4. Must be something wrong with me…. I didn’t even notice her outfit.. noticed her hair (and frowned – I mean ‘pig tails’??!!) and then I noticed the crop in her hand……. le sigh ……..

    • O No morningstar! You have woken up my annoying inner pedant. If they are from the back of her head then they are double ponytails. If they are from the sides of her head they are bunches. They can only be pigtails when they are plated. I’m a bit obsessed with hair, not having much on my own head to play with 🙂


      • LOL – never heard the expression double ponytails! and bunches??!!! plats are braids and doesn’t matter where they are located .. at least that is how I have always referred to them here…

        What do you call one ponytail at the back of the head??? (grinning)

        love the inner pedant Prefectdt 🙂 🙂

        • But pigtails are always plated 🙂 at least on this side of the pond. Braids?? Aren’t they the ornamental bits of cloth sewn onto uniforms?


          • LOL ok you just gave both Sir Steve and I a laugh! something must be lost in translation 🙂

            • oh man this is bringing back memories from primary school when I wore my hair long.

              i’ve always called them ponytails if not braided, and just plaits if they’re plaited.

              from the web – PIGTAIL = a plaited lock of hair worn singly at the back or on each side of the head.

              PONYTAIL – a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back and tied at the back of the head so as to hang down

              Also, PLAIT is pronounced ‘plat’ and is common in BrE whereas in AmE the term used is BRAID.

              However some use PLAIT to refer to braids that start where a ponytail would start, and BRAID to refer to a “french braid” (which we used to call French Plaits).

              (ie- A plait is just 3 strands of hair or fabric weaved together Criss cross style. A braid starts at the top of your head and you add in a new piece each time.)

  5. Wow, Fondles 🙂 it looks like I’m not the only one with an inner pedant. And yes I misspelt “plait”, naughty me 🙂


  6. That will be one very rough ride.
    bottoms up


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