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It is time once more to explore my fascination with the hotness of women who wear glasses, especially when they are in a spanking situation

But let’s start with a visit to the nunnery, where one of the Sisters of St. Bespecularius is dealing with one of her young charges

Now prepare to receive six of the best “Spec”tacular spanking images


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  1. St Bespecularius lol. Nice line-up Prefectdt. The third is my favourite. Hope you have a great weekend. It’s a long one here, this weekend is ANZAC day in NZ and Australia commenter our veterans.


  2. great pics Prefectdt – #4 are those old bruises on her legs??? sucker for punishment ?? LOL (pun intended)

  3. quite a spectacle or two. fun post to see
    bottoms up

  4. I LOVE a good nun spanking picture 🙂

  5. Another vote for #3. Love her ‘Aw, man… not again!’ expression.

  6. I’m lucky enough to have been in exactly the same position as the gentleman in No.3 and can confirm that Miss Hunter wields a mean hairbrush and that a caning from her will be remembered for a long time.


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