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Daily Archives: April 26, 2021


Note: – I originally intended this to be a still picture only post but there seemed to be far more GIFs about that illustrated the subject of this post

What Are Buttock Mittens?

This is not an official term but one I made up myself, so if anyone has a better name for this please let me know. As a spankee, I do like a hand spanking to be spread around my buttocks and upper thighs. But I have noticed that some spankers like to stick to the same spot on each buttock

This leaves a very distinctive sort of marking on the buttocks

Like a vague, fuzzy imprint of a hand on each buttock

This is the phenomenon that I like to call Buttock Mittens

As I said, I like a hand spanking to be spread around the area of my rear end but I am tempted to ask for this kind of spanking just to see how it looks, on my bottom

Has anyone reading this given or received this type of hand spanking?

It does look more intense than the sort of hand spanking that I am used to but I am always curious about something that I have not tried

I know that I only posted that GIF last week but it is one of the best examples of what I am talking about

All information on this subject will be gratefully received