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Top Of The Click Pops For April 2021

It’s time to see what the most popular images were on this blog in the past month

The link to the original post is in the title of the image

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 43 clicks

Number 9 with 45 clicks

Number 8 with 46 clicks

Number 7 with 47 clicks

Number 6 with 49 clicks

Number 5 with 52 clicks

Number 4 with 55 clicks

Number 3 with 66 clicks

Number 2 with 69 clicks

Number 1 for April 2021 with 73 clicks


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  1. rozharrison

    Great line-up Prefectdt, not surprised at No 1


  2. One, two , and three were all favs of mine! By the way, I’m not sure I have told you this…but I LOVE that you do this! Thank you, my friend 🙂

    • Me too nora. I look forward to checking Prefectdt’s blog for the pics and the round up at the end of the month is a great idea.

    • I find it very useful to do this nora. It helps me know what type of images to look out for when getting something for a post


      • I’m curious how you know how many times people click on a picture…is that under our WordPress stats somewhere?

        • It is easy to get to click counter on WordPress nora. From the home page click on Statistics in the left-hand menu. On that page scroll down to the clicks section on the bottom right of the page and click on “Clicks”. This will bring up the clicks page, where you can choose to view the clicks for one day or one week or thirty days ETC ETC. But you will not get any click data for the photos on your blog, because you do not link your images to their media file. So you can only view those images as they are on your blog and not at their original size when they are clicked. Hope this helps.


          • Oh, I see. I am familiar with the clicks per page feature, but as you stated… I don’t link to the media file of the pictures I use. Instead, I just upload directly from my WordPress media library.

  3. Oh number 1 didn’t surprise me at all! That’s a lovely picture.

  4. number one and number two are my favorites.
    bottoms up


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