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It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Spanking with medical masks on. It must have happened before the pandemic but more for fetish reasons than safety concerns. Tootling around the kinky ‘net I have collected a lot of images, from some commercial image and video producers who are taking the responsible attitude to their productions and having their performers and I hope the rest of the production crew wear masks for their videos.

Images Of Medical Mask Spankings

And There Are Appropriate Masks Available

One for the sub

One for the Dominant

I Got Spanked In A Mask

My one and only spanking last year did involve masks for both participants. Nothing special, just the blue disposable ones. I did find it made things a little difficult. Due to the increased and laboured breathing, that comes with getting spanked, I did get a lot of heat build up around my face and head and had to ask for a short break at one point, as I started to get dizzy. Personally I think that I prefer to be spanked without a mask. But with a mask was and perhaps will be again, better than not getting spanked at all

Note: – Ihave managed to collect a lot of these COVID-19 mask spanking images so if this post proves popular, there may be a follow-up post


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  1. rozharrison

    This just looks kinda weird lol, then again, it has been a strange year. I can imagine wearing a mask makes things difficult.


  2. the last one? the Dominant one LOL OMG I want one for Sir Steve

    I can’t imagine being spanked with a mask on… some days I have trouble just walking through the grocery store!

    • It was a hot day when I had my mask spanking, perhaps on a normal day it would be different. Thinking about it though, the hot breath thing might add to the moment for some people morningstar


  3. I look at masks as both a practical precaution and a mixed blessing. On some people a mask is a distraction, on others an improvement. LOL

    • And on someone that you are meeting for the first time it gives them an air of mystery KD. You have to wait until the pandemic is over to find out what they really look like 🙂


  4. Just the reality of life during the pandemic, I suppose…..

  5. I love the dim mask. I don’t think it is quite as clear a message as the submissive mask though.

  6. 365dniwobiektywielg

    Ho ho…

  7. love the masks at the bottom. Would be fun to wear. Play with other people may be masks for quite some time
    bottoms up

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